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Zachary - 13 February 20:58

Perhaps cum comes from scum, since for some people, drying cum smells like fish or seawater? And since scumbag refers to a type of cloth strainer, perhaps cum referred to the smell of ejaculate in unwashed clothes, aka cumstains.

Audria - 3 June 22:53

The gang-bang-party website looks like it does not exist anymore. Good luck.

Petta - 26 October 14:49

How are these things international? Here in Brazil we do the same ones, even when I was younger and we didn't use the internet this much. It's just so cool!

Theo - 11 September 03:04

Gracias, cariño! Es el mejor regalo de aniversario que he tenido nunca!

Jose - 30 August 06:55

Didn't take chunky mom long to cook that sausage.

Landro - 23 April 20:21

You could use my arse to deposit your beautiful cum any day xxx