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Frizzell - 13 December 21:37

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Druck - 10 November 07:43

Réel prix pour le sexe à Abu Simbel - euros.

Sancrant - 20 August 23:33

Absolutely love her!

Federico - 14 June 21:27

Dr. Doe, I'm afraid I had to dislike this video. Usually your video's are amazingly informative, but this one seemed to be aimed at condemning alcohol in every way possible. The positive points are all about 1-5 drinks, and a lot of people won't drink more than that on one night.

Rebecca - 22 August 23:04

Ja echt wat is er toch een variëteit in hè

Kerth - 15 September 05:30

Where she lives ??? I wanna marry her asap !!!

KarlLee - 23 January 12:39

Poor gall you shouldn't have to do that but none the less sometimes masterbation is better than sex and omg man good show